Resort park

2022, Bacau, Romania

Anticipating a wish for finding harmony in our daily life, the park was conceived to transpose the visitor in a place where one can withdraw and relax. Poof offers balance and peace of mind. It creates serene places, for contemplation. It draws corners of nature and it frames fragments of special landscapes: fields of monochrome ornamental grasses, rows of plane trees, outdoor dinner gardens, outdoor lounge and party gardens, conifers micro forest, wedding lawn, leisure plazas, contemplation gardens. The project outlines an ‘outdoor spa’ ambience while creating, along its main promenade, a trail of several ‘rooms’ to be discovered and enjoyed. Each one of these spaces has its own character. Some of them are open, suited for events and meetings with friends and family. Others are enclosed, resembling rooms in a wellness center, intimate spaces that enable visitors to meditate and dream, offer silence, stillness and beauty.

Landscape architecture project: Irina Marica Landscape Architect

Photo credit: Arca Resort Bacau, Romania