Events venue garden

2022, Bacau, Romania

The project creates three sequences in the landscape. The first one is a conifers welcoming square, for the customers ariving by car. It’s evergreen foliage, a symbol of eternal life, creates an optimistic connection with the architectural space you are about to enter and with the special event you are about to celebrate. The central sequence is a ‘display window garden’ in front of the building entrance, a space that neatly arranges several varieties of ornamental grasses, carefully displayed to showcase and offer a sense of beauty to the visitors and to create a foliage pattern that keeps it’s elegant look through all seasons. The third sequence is the row of plane trees leading your way from the events venue towards the park and the seafood restaurant.

Landscape architecture project: Irina Marica Landscape Architect

Photo credit: Arca Resort Bacau, Romania