Mixt use development

2021, Shanghai, China

The planting design is a celebration of the historical “lane garden culture” that is prevalent in Shanghai’s historic Former French Concession neighbourhood.

Shanghai’s citizens are passionate about their gardens and greenspaces. This is evident when walking around the city, looking at the rich and diverse planting commonly seen on balconies, window sills and narrow lanes. Private spaces are seen filled with potted plants; creepers climb along old brick facades and across telephone wires that span buildings.

Diversity is the key component of this project’s planting design. A rich tapestry of native species and colours will form a bold yet familiar statement on the building’s facades and terraces. At ground level, a mix of large broadleaf and deciduous trees will provide shade to visitors and passers-by.

The rich, charming and colourful aesthetic so easily acheived in Shanghai’s lanes forms the basis upon which the planting in this project is designed. The Shanghai Huai Hai project is a gift to the plant-loving people of Shanghai – an contemporary international landmark that fits in organically alongside the city’s historic villas and lanes.

Landscape architecture project: WAA International Shanghai Office

Photo credit: Ateliers Jean Nouvel, 10 Studio & WAA International Shanghai Office